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SeaShield FX-70 System

A very heavy duty system for the protection of concrete and timber piles of variable shapes. The SeaShield FX-70 System is typically used to protect piles with damage and more than 25% section loss. 


  • Jetties, Piers, Docks, and Wharfs
  • Port Infrastructure
  • Marine Structures
  • Maintenance
  • Bridges

The system is comprised of a custom-made fiberglass jacket that provides a permanent protective form-work which is filled with water-insensitive cementitious and epoxy grouts to protect damaged piles.

The SeaShield FX-70 Jacket is provided with a vertical tongue and groove closure and is supplied to a project specific thickness. Non-corrosive standoffs can be supplied to maintain the correct spacing of the jacket around the pile. This ensures the correct thickness of SeaShield 510 UW Grout and SeaShield 550 Epoxy Grout in the completed system. These grouts can displace existing water and can be easily pumped, tremied or poured into the SeaShield FX-70 jacket even while it is submerged in water. By eliminating the need to dewater the site or build cofferdams, the SeaShield FX-70 System drastically reduces the overall expense and loss-of-use cost as the structure can generally remain in service while the repair is executed.

The SeaShield FX-70 System was the first in-place repair solution for damaged concrete, steel, and timber piles when it launched in 1970, and many of those first repairs remain in service today.

For further information on surface preparation requirements for SeaShield products, please contact us.

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  • Economically protect damaged structures in place, system can be applied underwater or to wet surfaces
  • High-strength, water-insensitive materials bond well to concrete and timber pilings
  • The structure can generally remain in service during installation of the System
  • Greatly reduce corrosion, deterioration, and erosion
  • Highly resistant to impact and abrasion
  • Excellent stability under UV weathering conditions
  • Accommodates piles of various shapes and sizes
  • Easy to install, no need for heavy-lifting equipment
  • Low-maintenance following repair
  • Low environmental impact
  • Suitable for use over a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • Suitable for use in the immersed, tidal and splash zones, in marine, estuarine, lentic and riverine environments

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