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Historical SeaShield FX-70™ System Case Study – Offshore Oil Platform

SubSea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationGulf of Mexico
ProductsSeaShield FX-70™ System
Project Steel pile protection for Offshore Oil Platform
DateJuly 1977

Project Details

The SeaShield FX-70 System was the first in-place repair solution for damaged concrete, steel, and timber piles when it was launched in 1970, and many of those first repairs remain in service today.

This Gulf of Mexico oil platform, located approximately one hundred miles East of Freeport, Texas, required in-place splash zone corrosion protection. The SeaShield FX-70 System was specified after other systems had been attempted and abandoned because of heavy seas, and other problems associated with offshore operations.

The first phase installation was completed in 14 days and involved protecting fourteen diagonals and kneebraces with two-size foot jackets each.