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Fire-resistant Densyl KF ColourTape System used
on Fire Water Pipeline Flanges

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationAuckland, New Zealand
ClientContact Energy
ContractorWormald Engineering
ProductsDensyl KF ColourTape™
DateJuly 2011

Project Details

At the Otahuhu Power Station in Auckland, New Zealand, the cooling towers are constructed of wood. This is fine when they are operational but pose a fire risk when a cooling cell is offline. Elevated temperatures in the system can dry the cell out creating a potential fire hazard.

The power station, owned by a major energy company in New Zealand, Contact Energy, is a gas thermal station situated between a residential and industrial area. As a result, a fire suppression system was specified.

The company contracted to construct this system, Wormald Engineering, required a large number of flange joints to be protected post installation.

Crucial to the success of the installation is a line pressure test, to be conducted prior to the Denso application. An opportunity existed to train the operators in the correct application of the fire resistant Densyl KF ColourTape system.

An inspection was required at various stages of the installation to ensure the correct application was carried out. As a result, the asset owner was reassured that the training on site would offer peace of mind in the correct installation of the system.

In this project Denso were involved in the specification, supply, training and after sales service. As the asset owner was represented by a large engineering consulting company, this ensures that Denso Systems are considered across a wider network.