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Denso Protal™ Protects New Block Valves for Gas Pipeline Project in Dubai, UAE

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationDubai, UAE
ContractorGlobal Technologies Projects and Services
ProductsProtal 7200™, Denso Paste™ , Densyl™ Mastic, Densyl™ Tape, Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape™
DateJune 2018

Project Details

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd were asked to specify their corrosion prevention coating systems for a buried gas pipeline project in Dubai. The project undertaken by contractor Global Technologies Projects and Services included the full protection of a number of 24” diameter block valves, 2” diameter connecting valves, tie-ins and straight pipe lengths.

The challenge for Denso was to offer protection for three different types of infrastructure, each having their own specific issues. The project owners knew however that this would not be difficult for Denso due to their 85 plus years of dealing with and solving this type of problem worldwide.

The chosen solution from Denso comprised 3 different generic coatings, which were as follows:

System 1 (Epoxy) – for the 24” diameter block valves plus straight pipe sections:
A coating of Protal 7200™ spray applied to a minimum of 500 microns.

System 2 (Petrolatum) – for the protection of the 2” diameter valves: A coating of Denso Paste™ is followed by Densyl Mastic™ to fill any voids. A spiral wrap of Densyl™ Tape with a 55% overlap is then applied. A final spiral wrap of Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape™ with a 55% overlap completes the system.

System 3 (Bitumen) – for the protection of the pipe tie-ins: A coating of Denso Primer D™ applied at a minimum of 150mm either side of the coating interface is followed by a spiral wrap of Densopol™ 60HT Bitumen Tape with a 55% overlap. A final spiral wrap of Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape is applied with a 55% overlap to complete the system.