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Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape

A PVC tape for overwrapping Denso petrolatum tape coatings to give extra mechanical protection.
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Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape is a PVC sheeting coated on one side with a rubber resin pressure sensitive adhesive. It is used for overwrapping Denso protected items when additional mechanical protection is required or where physical contact is likely.

Uses include: Overwrap on tie rods, cables, plastic coated steel service pipes and Denso wrapped handrails.

Request Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Self-adhesive
  • Useful outerwrap for Denso products where physical contact is likely
  • Different thickness options available
  • Protects against mechanical damage
  • WCD Protection of Buried Pipelines, Fittings and Specials

  • WCD Protection of Tie Bars and Cables

  • WCD Protection of Pipe Fittings and Valves


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