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Denso Petrolatum Tape System Used in Refurbishment of Iconic Dublin Landmark

As part of a €76 million refurbishment project on the iconic Old Central Bank Building in Dame Street, Dublin, Winn and Coales Denso Ltd products were used to protect the tie bars which support the 8-storey structure.

The building, which was constructed in the 1970’s, is Ireland’s only suspended building. The design of the building was based on two central concrete pillars which formed an anchor for approx. 2500m of tie bars to secure each floor of the building.

Each concrete floor was constructed at ground level and then lifted by jacks into position where they are secured by the tie bars.

During the refurbishment, DBFL Consulting Engineers Ltd inspected the condition of the tie bars and found that after removing the existing Denso Tape (applied some 40 years earlier) the tie bars were still in very good condition. In order to provide maximum long-term protection, it was decided to update the existing Denso Tape. Winn and Coales (Denso) Ltd suggested using the Denso Petrolatum Tape System, consisting of Denso PasteDenso Tape and Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape to ensure the tie bars remain in pristine condition.

UMR Group were selected to install the system and although working with restricted space between the tie bars, the system was installed in accordance with recommendations.

Where these bars change direction at the top storey, they are inside hollow nodal units. It was therefore necessary to ensure there was no risk of corrosion in these areas. To ensure the integrity of the tie bars, UMR Group injected Denso Void Filler Type I to expel any trapped moisture/air from the nodes, thus protecting from potential corrosion in the future. Care was necessary to ensure these complex areas were completely filled and the UMR Group had provided complex pumping systems with vent pipes and also heated the nodes to ensure that the Denso Void Filler remained hot and fluid during the pumping operation.

On completion, the building (which has been renamed ‘Central Plaza’) will house retails units, offices and will have a stunning rooftop restaurant with a complex glass roof providing panoramic views of Dublin.