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Denso Hotline™ Tape Protects Blow Down Pipe

Exposed Surface Coating

Project Data

LocationDublin, Ireland
ContractorUtility Operating and Maintenance Service Ltd
ProductDenso Hotline™ Tape, Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape™
DateJuly 2011

Project Details

Denso Hotline™ Tape was chosen by Utility Operating and Maintenance Service Ltd (UOMS) for the protection of a new underground boiler blow down pipe at Synergen’s Dublin Bay Power Station. UOMS and Synergen are wholly owned by ESBI, a leading engineering and energy company.

Denso Hotline Tape was chosen because of its ability to withstand temperatures of 110°C, which can be the temperature of the water removed from the boiler by the blow down pipe. To complete the protection system Denso PVC Self-Adhesive Tape™ was applied over the Hotline Tape with both tapes applied in one application using a Denso™ Hand Wrapping Machine. This wrapping work was carried out on site by UOMS and local contractor CLG Developments.

Denso Hotline Tape is a cold applied, conformable petrolatum-based tape for the protection of pipes operating at elevated temperatures (up to 110°C). It is suitable for the protection of copper, iron or steel pipes above ground, in ducts or set in concrete and in consequence is becoming widely used by factory and power station engineers.