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Denso Chosen to Protect Outfall Pipes on the South Coast

SubSea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationLittlehampton, UK
ClientArun District Council
ContractorLeith Hill Plant Ltd.
ProductsSeaShield 70/80™ System
DateApril 2023

Project Details

In 2022, Denso was approached by Arun District Council who were looking for a long-term solution to the damage their water outfalls were experiencing on their beaches. Due to the significant movement of shingle caused by tidal changes on the beach, the damaged sections of pipe were to be replaced with new sections, then protected to prevent them from suffering the same fate. The SeaShield 70/80 System was identified as the ideal solution for such an aggressive environment as it provides protection from corrosion and erosion, whilst remaining flexible, hard wearing and UV stable.

Following a site visit, Denso offered a free-of-charge trial (around 1m in length) for the client to assess and monitor its performance. Several months later the trial was performing extremely well and continued to provide a high level of protection through a harsh winter. Due to the success of the trial, the SeaShield system was chosen to be applied on two outfalls along the south coast.

The new sections of pipe were wrapped in the contractor’s yard, and then transported to site to be laid. The ends of each pipe section were left bare and, once installed, the joints were profiled and wrapped, ensuring the full length of pipe was fully protected with a continuous heavy-duty system. This outfall pipe is now back in service, ready to perform as it should for many years to come and allowing the client to rest easy knowing it is safely protected from further damage.