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Dead Sea Potash Company Uses DensoBitumen Tape Wrap System

Buried Coatings

Project Data

Client & ConsultantPotash Company
ProductsDenso Primer D™, Densoclad 50HT™,
Denso™ PVC Self-Adhesive Tape
ContractorNimer Al Lozi Contracting Co.
DistributorBilal Anabtawi & Bros. Co.
DateJanuary 2023

Project Details

A potash company located close to the Dead Sea in Jordan recently consulted on a project to protect a DN20″ pipeline, which they own, from the costly effects of corrosion. 

The buried pipeline was protected with a DensoBitumen Tape Wrap system consisting of a thin layer of Denso Primer Dover the entire area to be protected, followed by a double wrap of Densoclad 50HT; a medium-duty PVC/bitumen tape formulated for use in tropical climates. The system was completed with a double wrap of DensoPVC Self-Adhesive Tape for additional mechanical protection.