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Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationGreater London, United Kingdom
ClientEnvironment Agency
ProductsDenso™ Hi-Tack Primer, Densyl™ Mastic, Denso™ Hi-Tack Tape, Denso Primer D™, Denso Ultraseal RT™ Tape and Denso™ Acrylic Topcoat
DateJune 2023

Project Details

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd was approached by the team at Jacobs to help solve a corrosion issue being experienced on a flood defence site in Greater London. The backing plates to the ground anchors had been suffering from the harmful effects of corrosion and Denso were tasked to provide a solution that would prevent any further damage, whilst still allowing access to the anchors for inspection and general maintenance. The threads of the anchors were already being protected with Denso Void Filler Type I (also known as the Steelcoat 50 System) so Denso were keen to provide a full package of protection.

The Steelcoat System provided to Jacobs passed a successful trial by being flexible; surface tolerant; and possessing a long, proven history of success on other projects. The system features a waterproof seal around the outer edge and is UV-stable for when protected areas are exposed to sunlight. Both the contractor and client were very happy with the clean finish and the peace of mind that the backing plates will no longer suffer any more corrosion problems.

The work supported the Environment Agency’s 10-year TEAM2100 programme, a collaboration with Jacobs and Balfour Beatty, to enhance flood defences along the River Thames in London and its Estuary.