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Sealing of Underground Irrigation Water Storage Tanks Using Viscotaq

Sealing & Waterproofing

Project Data

LocationChilworth Manor Vineyard, Surrey, UK
ProductsViscoputty & Viscotaq EZ Wrap
ContractorLiquid Applied Membranes Limited
DistributorParker James Protective Coatings
DateMay 2022

Project Details

The underground irrigation water storage tanks at Chilworth Manor Vineyard were found to be leaking from all 52 joints, causing the entire system to be out of use. The client required a system that would seal the joints quickly and effectively in order to get the vineyards irrigation system back up and running.

Viscotaq EZ Wrap was proposed due to its excellent waterproofing properties, flexibility and most importantly because it is quick and easy to apply.

Following a successful on-site trial, our Viscoputty and Viscotaq EZ Wrap, along with a Urethane Topcoat, was specified by the client and proved to be a very effective application. Application was completed rapidly by Liquid Applied Membranes Ltd and will provide a long lasting solution for years to come.