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Rehabilitation of Existing 28” dia. Buraimi Water Pipeline, Oman

Buried Coatings

Project Data

ClientDIAM (Public Authority for Water)
ProductsDenso Paste™, Densyl™ Tape applied spirally with a 55%
overlap, Denso™ PVC Self-Adhesive Tape 200 (Yellow)
applied with 2 No. 55% spiral overlaps (4 layers).
ContractorFlown Modern LLC
DistributorBin Moosa Trading & Contracting LLC
DateAugust 2022

Project Details

 DIAM’s aim is to ensure the provision of high quality, sustainable and reliable potable water services to all people in the Sultanate of Oman. Diam’s Mission: Working towards establishing water transmissions and distribution networks and applying systems to manage them efficiently. 

The project required the repair of the existing 3LPE coating at locations on the pipeline which runs adjacent to the sea, below sea level, so it is in constant contact with highly (saline) salty water. Since the pipeline carries water under high pressure (25 bar) and considering its age, the end user wanted a solution that would provide long-term protection without having to abrasive clean the substrate in this challenging location. 

The DensylTape System was selected because of its ability to perform under challenging conditions being extremely surface tolerant.