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ONGC Valve Station

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationHazira, Gujarat, India
ProductsDenso Paste™, Densyl™ Tape, Densyl™ Mastic and Denso™ PVC Self-Adhesive Tape
Contractor3S Engineering Solutions
Date15th February 2021

Project Details

ONGC is the largest crude oil and natural gas company in India, contributing to around 70% of Indian domestic production. ONGC required long-term protection for their valve stations in Hazira, located on a coastal industrial belt.

Due to severe corrosion failures especially for pipes and valves in concrete pits, the client wanted a fool-proof system to protect their assets in these harsh conditions. When looking for a time-proven corrosion prevention solution, a positive global track record combined with the ease of product application worked in favour of Denso. The Denso and 3S Engineering Solutions teams carried out a half-day training session with the application team on-site.

After close consultations with the site head, engineering team, and contractor, the use of the Densyl Petrolatum Tape System was approved for all pipes and valves. The system consists of Denso Paste™, Densyl™ Tape, Densyl™ Mastic, and Denso™ PVC Self-Adhesive Tape.

ONGC were very impressed with the Densyl Petrolatum Tape System and have decided to use it on further valve stations in the future.