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ONGC Tank Base Protection

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationMumbai, India
ProductsHi-Tack Primer, Hi-Tack Tape, Densyl Mastic,
Denso Primer D, Denso Ultraseal RT Tape, Denso Acrylic
Agent3S Engineering
ContractorLizMontagens India
Date 8th May 2019

Project Details

ONGC is the largest crude oil and natural gas company in India, contributing to around 70% of Indian domestic production. Crude oil is the raw material used by downstream companies like IOC, BPCL, and HPCL to produce petroleum products like petrol, diesel, kerosene, naphtha, and cooking gas-LPG. This large natural gas company ranks 11th among global energy majors, 18th in ‘Oil and Gas operations’ and 183rd overall in Forbes Global 2000.

The ONGC plant at Uran, which is close to sea, has severe corrosion issues. It’s tanks, which are more than 30 years old, are severely effected at the base. Old traditional systems weren’t helping overcome these problems and finally ONGC decided to try the most globally trusted Denso Steelcoat Tank Base Protection System.

It’s global track record and ease of application worked in favour of the Denso Steelcoat Tank Base Protection System. The Denso team carried out a half day training session with the application team and the system was applied to the first 79m tank, which consists of Denso Hi-Tack Primer and Denso Primer D, with Densyl Mastic for profiling and sealing voids.