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Oil Intake Pipeline Inspected After 21 Years of Denso™ Protection

Buried Coatings

Project Data

ProductsDensyl KF™ Tape, Denso Profiling Mastic™
DateAugust 2009

Project Details

An oil intake pipeline in Japan, which was originally protected in 1985 with a Denso system combining Densyl KF™ Tape and Denso Profiling Mastic™, was inspected in March 2006 to see how it was performing.

The original Denso coating system was removed from part of the pipeline to check its condition. The pipe, flange, nuts and bolts were all found be in excellent condition.

After the inspection was finished the removed section of tape and mastic was replaced.

All of the engineers involved had to agree that the inspection provided a very impressive demonstration of the long-term corrosion prevention capabilities of the Densyl KF Tape system.