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Mango BKK062 (PHASE 1) Pipe Protection

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationRayong, Thailand
ClientAmazon Data Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd
ProductsDenso Paste S105, Densyl Tape
ContractorThai Kajima Co., Ltd
DateJuly - December 2022

Project Details

As part of the investment and expansion of Amazon Data Services into Thailand, the construction of a new Data Centre in Pluakdaeng required buried pipework – serving the site’s fire protection and detection system – to be protected from corrosion before its installation on site.

Straight sections of pipe were primed using Denso Paste S105™ to offer the first layer of protection and a layer for the Densyl™ Tape to bond to, creating intimate contact with the pipe surface. The Densyl™ Tape is spirally wrapped with a minimum of 55% overlap to ensure a minimum of a double layer of protection across the entire length of the pipe.

These sections were then installed underground and protected using the same combination of paste and petrolatum tape in the areas where they had been joined, a system that is completely sealed and impervious to moisture.