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Maltby Beck Proves Long-Term Service Life of Denso Steelcoat Systems

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

ContractorEngineering Solutions
ClientNorthumbrian Water
ProductsDenso Steelcoat 100/400™ System
DateSeptember 2016

Project Details

In 2005, Advanced Engineering Solutions of Cramlington applied the Denso Steelcoat 100/400 System to the outside of a pipebridge at Maltby Beck for Northumbrian Water. During a further application of the same system to an adjacent pipebridge in 2016, Denso took the opportunity to inspect the system that had been previously applied.

The company reports that apart from some dirt and moss on the pipe, as expected the 2005 applied system is still functioning extremely well and will continue to protect the structure for many years to come. Prior to the latest application of the Steelcoat 100/400 System to the adjacent pipebridge, the residue of the previous coating was removed by hand surface preparation carried out to St2 standard.

The Denso Steelcoat 100/400 System consists of Denso Hi-Tack Primer followed by Denso Profiling Mastic to fill voids and smooth profiles for wrapping. This is followed by a wrap of Denso Hi-Tack Tape overwrapped with Denso Ultraseal Tape and then finally coated with Denso Acrylic Topcoat.