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Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationJeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
ClientMinistry of Finance – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
ProductsDenso Primer D™, Densopol 80HT™ Tape and Denso™ PVC Self-Adhesive Tape - both tapes applied with a 55% (double layer) spiral overlap
ContractorSaudi BinLadin Group Haramain Division
DistributorRezayat Trading Company Ltd.
ConsultantDar Al Handasah
DateApril 2021

Project Details

The Well of Zamzam first sprang 5,000 years ago and has been a precious source ever since, both physically and spiritually, for so many. The name of the well comes from the phrase Zome Zome, meaning “stop flowing”, a command originally repeated to contain the spring water. The well has historical importance, as, for thousands of years, thirsty pilgrims have relied on the well for drinking water and spiritual inspiration.

For the well to stay fully functional, over 5km of buried 8” diameter stainless steel pipelines required protection against corrosion. Based on the continued success of the Densopol™ Tape systems for the protection of buried pipes throughout the Middle East region for the last 25 plus years, the project consultant selected it as the best option for this prestigious project.

The route of the pipelines from the Zamzam well to the water factory is a busy one running beside and between many main roads.