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HDD Pipeline Project Protected with Denso Bore-Wrap™

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationPrairie Home, MO, USA
Project TypeFull HDD Encapsulation
ProductsDenso Bore-wrap™
DateJune 2021

Project Details

An aging pipeline crossing under a creek was being replaced due to corrosion from the exposure of soil erosion. The pipeline operator opted to install the pipe by HDD 50 feet deeper than the original line. The line being pulled in was 12 in diameter and nearly 1,200 feet long. During the initial drilling, it was discovered that the ground had been found to contain cobble and the rocks in the area were fracturing into shards. The contractor opted to install Denso Bore-Wrap™ over the welds to protect them from damage from the pull in. After the pipe was pulled through bore hole, it was found that the mainline of the pipe had experienced significant damage to the FBE coating that caused bare steel to be exposed. However, the welds that were protected with the Denso Bore-Wrap™, had no damage.

The pipeline operator decided to extract the newly installed line, repair the damaged coatings, and wrap the entire HDD section with Denso Bore-Wrap™. The contractor wrapped the entire string of pipe in 2 days and prepared the hole for another installation. This time, the installation was under continual observation from the operating company’s project manager. All parties were in attendance during the HDD installation as there were concerns of the condition of the coating as it exits the bore hole. The Denso rep on-site however was watching confidently knowing that the pipe was protected by the most robust ARO wrap on the market.

When the pipe exited the hole, the contractor quickly disconnected the drill rig and pulled the pipe out 50 feet to begin the spray cleaning to clear off the drilling mud for inspection. The Denso Bore-Wrap was completely intact with only negligible damage visible to just the outermost layers. The success of the Denso Bore-Wrap in protecting the pipeline’s coating on this project spurred the drilling contractor to request additional product information so he could present and offer it to every project in which they encounter cobble.