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Further SeaShield Protection at the Red Funnel Ferry Crossing

SubSea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationSouthampton, UK
ClientRed Funnel
ContractorSeatech Commercial Diving Services Ltd.
ProductsSeaShield 2000FD™ System, SeaShield 70™ System, Denso™ Profiling Mastic
DateJune 2023

Project Details

Work has continued at the Red Funnel Ferry Terminal in Southampton where multiple SeaShield systems have been administered and combined in order to protect 6 hexagonal piles on Dolphin No.1.

Using a combination of the SeaShield 2000FD and SeaShield 70 Systems, the piles were wrapped in the usual way on site (circumferentially), however some featured obstructions, such as ladder supports and O-rings which hold chains connected to the fenders. Thanks to the user-friendly application of Denso Glass Outerwrap UV (GOW UV) – a key component of the SeaShield 70 System – Seatech Commercial Diving Services were able to protect the areas where a typical HDPE jacket could not be applied. Both systems were then overlapped, leaving a fully protected pile from top to bottom.

This second set of SeaShield applications marks a continuation of corrosion prevention works at the Red Funnel Ferry Terminal. The first round was completed in early-2022 and utilised the SeaShield 2000FD System for the protection of two hexagonal larsen piles (click here to view).