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Denso Flashing Tape

A heavy duty self-adhesive, aluminium-backed flashing in tape form. For waterproofing roof to wall and other building joints.

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Denso Flashing Tape

A cold-applied aluminium foil coated with a bituminous adhesive and a plastic interleaving for cleaner handling and easier release. The aluminium/polyester laminate has a grey weatherproof lacquer finish that resembles lead.

Recommended for use with Denso Flashing Tape Primer.

Denso Flashing Tape Primer

To prepare and maintain surface cleanliness prior to Denso Flashing Tape application.

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Product CodeSizeUnits Per Carton
864004175 mm8
8640042100 mm6
8640043150 mm4
8640044225 mm2
8640045300 mm2
8640046450 mm1
8640047600 mm1
86050201 Litre9
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