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Densostrip Seals Hinkley North Berth Surfaces

Construction is well underway by Costain on the North Berth project that will serve the forthcoming construction of the Hinkley nuclear power station. Precast concrete units are being applied to the surfaces of the North Berth. As can be seen in the photo, within the black circles, Winn & Coales Densostrip is used to permanently seal the concrete units following application of a special primer.

Densostrip is a compound rubber and bitumen joint sealing strip specifically for precast concrete units to provide a permanently flexible watertight seal when compressed between joint faces previously primed with Densostrip primer. As well as water and sea water it is resistant to chemical and biological attack.

It is also an effective seal for precast concrete box culverts, manholes, inspection chambers, shafts, tunnels and pipe sections.