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Densoclad Protection for Llanelli Sewage Main

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationLlanelli, South Wales
ContractorMorrison Construction
ClientWelsh Water
ProductsDensoclad 70™ Tape and Denso Profiling Mastic™ and/or Densyl™ Mastic Blanket
DateApril 2007

Project Details

Morrison Construction PLC replaced an extensive glass fibre sewage rising main at Llanelli, South Wales, with ductile iron pipework. The project was undertaken on behalf of Welsh Water in order to upgrade the conveying of sewage from Llanelli to the nearby sewage treatment plant at the Northumberland pumping station.

Morrison’s chose a Densoclad system installed to a P2 specification for protecting the joints and fittings on the 3675 metre, 900mm diameter ductile iron pipeline. Denso Profiling Mastic and/or Densyl Mastic Blanket are first applied, where required giving a smooth contour to ensure rapid and effective application of the Densoclad 70 Tape.

Densoclad Tape consists of a thick bitumen adhesive laminated to a tough plasticised PVC backing. These cold-applied tapes are designed for the long-term protection of buried or immersed pipes and fittings.