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Densoband Protects Onshore Wind Turbine Foundation

Atlantic Wind Services (MCR) Ltd of Manchester have recently completed the base foundation, infrastructure and other civil works for a new onshore wind turbine at Darrington, Yorkshire.

In order to increase anti-corrosion protection of the wind turbine’s base plinth they have applied Winn & Coales Densoband between the steel tower and the surrounding concrete foundation. In the photo, the black Densoband strip can be seen just above the concrete reinforcement cage.

Densoband is a polymer-modified bitumen strip for sealing joints and preventing the ingress of water. Providing a uniform flexible seal, it is ideal for base and wearing course joints that can withstand thermal changes and movement from traffic load.

Densoband is particularly useful on both concrete-to-asphalt joints and asphalt-to-asphalt road joints. It fully complies with the Highways Agency Specification for Highways Works.