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Denso System Protects Marine Piles in Qatar Holiday Island Resort

Sub Sea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

ClientAntara Doha Island Resort
ProductsSeaShield Rigspray™, SeaShield 2000FD™ and SeaShield Inspection Port™

Three SeaShield Systems were used to protect marine piles which support holiday villas at the Antara Doha Island Resort, off Doha Bay, Qatar.

First all loose material and marine growth was removed from the piles by mechanical cleaning methods. The area at the top of the piles including the top pile fins and below to a minimum of 100mm was then abrasive blast cleaned to achieve an anchor profile of at least 50 microns. Two coats of SeaShield Rigspray were spray applied to this area to a total thickness of 1200 microns.

Next the SeaShield 2000FD system was applied to the piles comprising a wrap of Denso Marine Piling Tape followed by the installation of the SeaShield 2000FD protective Jackets and SeaShield Inspection Ports. A total of 1277 Jetty Piles were protected using the SeaShield 2000FD System. The piles were of diameters 457mm, 475mm and 757mm. The client selected there to be a total of 10 Inspection Ports to be included with the 2000FD jackets. These Inspection Ports were then positioned over a range of locations across the island. This will allow the client to monitor the performance of the SeaShield 2000FD System during service.

This specific combination system was recommended to the client as the best Denso option available to protect the most vulnerable areas of this design of marine pile.