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Denso Protal 7125™ Protecting Jet Fuel Piping at Canada’s No.1 Airport

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationToronto, Canada
ClientToronto Pearson International Aiport
ProductsProtal 7125™
DateAugust 2008

Project Details

Construction in Canada provides some unique cold weather challenges that limit a large portion of liquid coatings currently on the market. As contractors struggle with trying to complete projects in a timely fashion, they must deal with less than favourable application temperatures that continually slow down job progress and cost more money to finish.

This was the situation near Toronto Pearson International Airport one winter and one perfectly suited for Denso Protal 7125™. Toronto Pearson International Airport is Canada’s largest and busiest airport, serving 40% of all airline traffic in Canada. Pearson International provides air service to over 140 destinations in 45 countries around the world and added a new terminal before the beginning of this project to better handle their 31,000,000 annual passengers.

With the new airport terminal now in place, there was a need for additional offsite jet fuel tanks and the associated piping required to carry fuel approximately 5kms into the airport. Field repairs and girth welds being coated at minus 15°C were protected using Denso Protal 7125. The 7125 fast-cure, low temperature coating allowed construction crews to continue their work without the delay of preheating. This has kept the project on-time and on-track and worked extremely well during the cold winter months.

The project continues on now through the summer with 100’s of lengths of Denso Protal 7250™ protected pipe being installed. The pipeline installation has also provided approximately 1000 girth welds that will be coated with Protal 7200™. The versatility of Denso Protal Liquid Coatings has again given us an advantage over most other epoxies on the market and this has been especially true in dealing with the wide temperature ranges our construction companies are faced with each year in Canada.