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Denso Petrolatum Tape Seals Sweating Concrete Pipe

Exposed Surface Coating

Project Data

LocationToronto, Canada
ProductsDenso LT Tape™
DateMarch 2013

Project Details

Denso Canada was asked by Halton Region, located just outside Toronto, if we could supply them with a tape product that could seal around sweating concrete water pipes in sub-zero conditions.

The pipe length spanned several hundred feet and was approximately 75ft above a local parking lot and marina. Periodically, concrete sections would fall from the pipe to the area below. The region needed to work quickly on this dangerous situation and was looking for something fast, reliable, and easy to install, and yet still supply them with waterproofing for their sweating concrete pipe.

Our recommendation was simple: use 12” wide Denso LT™ Tape and completely seal the 36” diameter pipe over its entire length.

Using a Genie lift truck, high up under the pipe, an operator supplied the work crew above the pipe with rolls of tape as they methodically wrapped the top portion of the concrete pipe. They would then pass the roll to the Genie operator below for wrapping the lower half, back and forth, all the while creating a spiral overlap as they continued down the pipe’s length.

The job was completed in a very short period of time much to the delight of the municipality and the contractor. Both were very pleased with how easily and quickly the Denso LT Tape was to work with.

Just another example of how Denso keeps the sky from falling.