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Denso Archco protects Hot Oil Pipelines

Industrial Coatings & Linings

Project Data

LocationCalifornia, USA
ProductsArchco 453HT™
DateJune 2018

Project Details

The engineer responsible for the project chose not to replace the asphalt system, instead preferring an epoxy coating with high heat resistance up to 250˚F. After difficulty finding a coating that could withstand both a 250˚F service temperature and the presence of H2S in the surrounding soil, the engineer contacted Denso for a solution.

Having experience with similar types of aggressive service in the past, Denso recommended the Archco 453HT due to its excellent resistance to high heat and H2S. The pipeline was first blasted to a NACE 2 Near-White Blast, and the Archco 453HT was spray applied in one coat at 30 mils DFT.

The contractor and engineer were very pleased with the success of the application.