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Archco Protects Injector Spools, Pipework and Vessels

Industrial Coatings & Linings

Project Data

LocationImmingham, UK
ClientPainting and Labour Ltd
ProductsArchco 403D™ and Archco 503D™
ContractorCristal Pigments
DateFebruary 2015

Painting and Labour Ltd of Immingham are long-term users of Archco 403D and Archco 503D glass flake vinyl ester linings. The company has been regularly contracted to line internal surfaces of pipework, vessels and also injector spools with these specialist protective linings following abrasive grit blasting to the Swedish Sa 2 1⁄2 standard near white metal.

Cristal Pigments, also of Immingham, is a leading customer for Painting and Labour’s services and commissioned them to line some injector spools and pipework for which the pretreatment was done at Painting and Labour’s workshop.

Following blast cleaning of internal surfaces to Sa 2 1⁄2, the first coat of Archco 503D was applied to approximately 1000 microns. A second coat consisting of Archco 403D was applied to 1000 microns thickness to achieve an overall thickness of 2000 microns.

A final 250 microns coat of Archco Blue Wax Topcoat was then applied. Final thickness readings were taken and full holiday detection was carried out to ensure the work was in line with specification requirements.

Whilst carrying out all of the lining work, Cristal Pigments representatives carried out inspections of the processes and reported their full satisfaction with them.

Painting and Labour also lined two small receiver vessels onsite at Crystal Pigments. One of them only required coating with Archco 403D on the bottom dish end. The full vessel specification was abrasive blast cleaning followed by multiple brush applied coats of Archco 403D to achieve 100microns overall thickness. On completion of lining both vessels were checked for film thickness and holiday detection readings.