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350 MW L.N.G. Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationWestern Province, Sri Lanka
ClientSobadhanavi Limited
Contractor & ConsultantLakdhanavi Limited
ProductsDensopol 60HT™ Tape and Denso Primer D™

Project Details

After consultation between the Consultant and Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd., Densopol 60HT Tape was selected – due to the C5 environment classification – to protect a 1km DN250 Carbon Steel buried fuel pipeline in Sri Lanka’s Western Province. Once completed, the pipeline will serve a critical function by supplying fuel to the Power Plant from a nearby Petrolatum Terminal.

Densopol Tapes are ideally suited for the protection of pipes, joints, bends and fittings that are laid in marshy/coastal locations. The heavy-duty, fabric-reinforced rubber bitumen tapes are available in multiple grades including tapes suited for use in tropical climates.

Commissioning of the plant has already begun, with commercial operation expected to commence in early 2025.