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Denso Protal Liquid Coatings

A range of liquid epoxy pipeline coatings designed for application to abrasive blast cleaned steel pipes, welds, tie-ins, fittings etc.  
Denso Protal 7000 Protal 7000 Airless Spray
  Main Features:  

High build achieved in only one coating  




Very fast curing liquid applied coatings  

Designed for the external protection of all line-pipe, fittings, specials and storage vessels




Excellent cathodic disbonding resistance  




Standard high quality abrasive blast cleaning surface preparation  




Can be applied by either brush, roller or spray methods  




Protal Repair Cartridge Kits with a dispensing gun are available in all Protal grades. Economical with minimal wastage - very quick and easy to apply




Denso Protal 7000 high build pipeline liquid coating
Denso Protal 7000 Airless Spray high performance epoxy coating
High build, pipeline coatings High Performance Epoxy Coating


Denso Protal 7000X Denso Protal 7125
Denso Protal 7000X a lower cost alternitive
Denso Protal 7125 fst cure low temperature pipeline coating
A Lower cost alternative Fast cure, low temperature coatings
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Denso Protal 7200 Denso Protal 7900
Denso Protal 7200 high build fast cure pipeline coating Denso Protal 7900 high temperature pipeline coating
High build, fast cure pipeline coatings High temperature pipeline coatings
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Denso Protal 7300 Protal Repair Kits
Protal 7300

Denso Protal Repair Kits

High build, epoxy pipeline coating for wet surfaces <more>

Epoxy Repair kits are also available for the range of Protal Epoxy coatings. Please contact us for further information.
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