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Home Industrial Linings
Archco Rigidon have over 40 years of global experience in manufacturing and supplying high quality resistant linings for protecting steel and concrete surfaces that are subject to contact with highly aggressive liquids and materials

Protection of Structural Steel and Pipework Above Ground: Denso Steelcoat click here to view further details on
Archco Rigidon 600 Series click here to view further details on
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 Archco Rigidon Fibre-Trowel 750 click here to view further details on
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 Holdtight 102


  Archco Rigidon Fibre-Trowel 750   Denso Heatshield Special

Three-coat lining system for concrete
bund's, sumps and floors

An easy to apply, economical and effective lining
solution which is tough, flexible and resistant to
spillage from acids, alkalis and specified solvents

Designed for high temperature service for the ever demanding oil, gas and chemical process industries, across a wide range of application areas including pressure and process vessels, storage tanks, sea water/oil separator
vessels, risers and internal piping equipment.
Denso Heatshield 350 Archco Rigidon 500 Series
For the external protection of steel smokestacks, hot vessel and valves on refineries, power stations, chemical process plant etc. The coating is easily applied by brush or airless spray to give cost effective, long life service to these component parts.
This product offers the best performance of all the glass flake reinforced linings as well as being unaffected by immersion temperatures up to 100°C. The percentage and size of glass flakes used in these linings reduces their permeability by a factor of 20. They offer superior abrasion and erosion resistance where the design and shape of the substrate allows the 500 series materials to be used.

Holdtight® 102 Flash Rust Inhibitor & Salt Remover

  Archco Rigidon 700 Series   Archco Rigidon 600 Series

An additive that is mixed with water during the pressurised washdown of wet abrasive, water blasted and dry blasted iron and steel surfaces. Keeps the surface free from flash rusting for up to 48 hours.




These Systems are primarily to protect concrete bund areas which are subject to severe chemical attack and physical loading. Areas where they are specifically recommended are chemical storage and effluent treatment tanks, bund's etc.

They can also be used to protect floors, drainage channels and sumps. These linings will withstand vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


This is a series of linings which are designed to give the optimum performance. The 600 series linings are typically used to line or coat concrete but are equally effective in lining steel.

The Archco Rigidon 603D and 623D are examples of products that have been extensively used to line bunded areas and storage tanks, particularly in the power generating and chemical industries.


Archco Rigidon 400 Series



These products will resist a wide range of chemicals with certain grades being suitable under immersion temperatures up to 100°C. They are particularly suitable for offshore applications where the Archco Rigidon 403D, in particular, has an extensive track record in lining process vessels and equipment.

The Archco Rigidon 403D has been extensively used as a tank lining and for the lining of equipment such as valves and pump casings in both the power generating and the chemical industries.